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Vehicle Policies & Parking

Motor Vehicles

New students are not permitted to access or have motor vehicles on campus during their first two semesters in residence. First-year day students that are allowed an exception to the above policy are not allowed to transport other students in (or on) their vehicles during their first two semesters at the College. Other students are permitted to bring motor vehicles to the campus, subject to the campus motor vehicle regulations, which are in effect at all times, including summer vacation and all college recesses and holidays. Vehicles are subject to college regulations governing privacy (see Privacy). Student drivers should note that, in Massachusetts, licensed drivers between the ages of 16-1/2 and 18 may not operate a motor vehicle from midnight to 5 a.m. unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Vehicle Registration. All student vehicles must be registered with the Security Office within the first seven days of the semester. To complete registration, a student must present his or her driver’s license, registration papers, and evidence of liability coverage for any authorized operator. When the registration process is complete, the student will be issued a college decal, which must be displayed on the vehicle. A vehicle without a current registration decal will receive a written warning; continued violations will result in monetary fines. Students needing additional time in order to obtain necessary documentation must apply for an extension from the Security Office. The maximum length of time for an extension is two weeks. Students whose vehicles are unregistered after the deadline may lose their driving privileges. A registered vehicle on campus is subject to the College’s search guidelines (see Privacy). Unregistered vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Parking. See list of parking areas. Please park in designated parking areas, and respect spaces made available for handicapped individuals. Do not park in the fire lanes, in front of buildings, or on the lawns at any time. Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed, towed, and/or booted at owner’s expense.

Speed Limit. The speed limit of 15 mph on campus is strictly enforced.

Motorcycles And Mopeds. The use of motorcycles and mopeds must be confined to campus roadways and conform to the speed limit and to the campus motor vehicle policy. Protective helmets must be worn at all times in accordance with state law. No covered area is available for the storage of motorcycles or mopeds.

Violations. A copy of the motor vehicle policy will be distributed to all students at the beginning of each academic year. Additional copies are available at the Security Office. Individuals who park in unauthorized areas or who fail to register their vehicles receive a written warning the first time, a $25 fine the second time, and a $50 fine for any subsequent violation. Individuals receiving more than four tickets for parking unregistered vehicles in a semester may lose the privilege of having a vehicle on campus. Violation of the campus speed limit results in a $50 fine the first time and a $50 fine for each subsequent offense. A third speeding violation may result in loss of vehicle privileges. Unsafe driving results in a $50 fine for the first offense and immediate suspension of vehicle privileges for the second offense. Students whose permission to have a motor vehicle on campus has been revoked will be required either to remove their vehicle from campus or place it in an appropriate parking area under the direction of the Physical Plant Office and file their plates with the dean of students within 48 hours of losing the privileges. Any abandoned vehicle (a car whose owner doesn’t respond to a summons placed on the windshield for one week) will be towed off campus. Towing and storage charges will be the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.

Revoking Motor Vehicle Privilege. The issuance of a permit to operate a motor vehicle while at Simon’s Rock is a privilege that may be revoked by the security or student affairs staff at any time for any serious infraction of the motor vehicle regulations. Revoking of privileges will include driving and parking on college property. Vehicles must be operated in accordance with state laws. Students will be held responsible for transporting or attempting to transport onto the campus alcohol/drugs, weapons, or persons banned from campus. In some cases, a student on academic or social probation will not be allowed to have a car on campus while the probationary status is in effect.