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Security Department

If an emergency occurs on campus, you may be asked to take certain protective actions. The most common protective actions requested are listed below:

Shelter-in-Place: There is a weather or hazmat emergency

  • Get/stay indoors.
  • Close doors and windows.
  • If possible, turn off any air conditioners in room.
  • Stay indoors until notified it’s safe to go outdoors.
  • Wait for further instruction

For Building Evacuation:

  • Evacuate building using nearest exit.
  • Take personal belongings (backpacks, keys, purses, wallets, etc.).
  • Do not use elevator.
  • Follow instructions by faculty, staff, or emergency personnel.
  • Move away from building.

For Lockout: There is a potential danger outside a College building

  • Return inside immediately.
  • Close doors. Lock building exterior doors.
  • Stay calm and resume normal activity where possible.
  • Wait for further instruction.

For Lockdown: There is a potential danger inside a College building

  • Close and/or lock doors, turn off lights, remain quiet.
  • Move away from windows or doors.
  • Silence cell phones, but leave them on for communication.
  • Wait for further instruction.

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