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Emergency and Urgent Care


Emergency services are available to students through Fairview Hospital at 29 Lewis Ave., Great Barrington. It's approximately a 5 minute drive from the campus. To contact emergency services, call 0 or extension 7291. If there is no answer, call 911, then notify Security at extension 7291 or an RD.

Emergency responders from off campus need to be met and led to the person or area of the emergency.

It is a policy of Bard College at Simon's Rock that parents/guardians will be notified of any Emergency Room admission or hospitalization with the exception of sexual assault of a student over the age of eighteen.

Urgent Care

Nurses are on call, with physician backup, nights and weekends during the school year for urgent medical care needs. The nurse on call can be contacted through Security at ext 7291 or the Resident Director on call.