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Institute on Early College Pedagogy

Library Courtyard (medium)The mission of the Institute on Early College Pedagogy is to advance the successes of early college education by providing a national model of the best practices in educating adolescents and a framework for rethinking education for adolescents. It will accomplish this by:

• disseminating the principles and practices of early college pedagogies to institutions, early colleges, and high schools engaged in reform

• promoting the growth of new early colleges

• developing an active network of sharing and support among post-secondary institutions and other interested in excellence in liberal arts education of younger students

• creating a collective force for change in secondary and post-secondary education.

The Institute was funded in 2006-2010 by the U.S. Department of Education Foundation for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). Currently the Institute provides a series of educational seminars for teachers and administrators, on-site consulting services to schools and early colleges, and has launched a national consortium of early college programs.


"Teachers of early college develop remarkable skills; they have genuine and deep commitment to their fields and at the same time must be able to consider students' challenges to their authority that rattle the basic assumption of their discipline with a wise and patient appreciation for the underlying spirit of questioning that motivates the student."
Patricia Sharpe, "Early College: What and Why?"