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Transfer FAQs

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Are Simon’s Rock credits transferrable to other colleges and universities?
During the sophomore year, students working toward completion of their AA degree in the liberal arts work with their advisors and members of the Win Resource Commons staff to develop a plan for their BA program. For about half of our students, that plan includes transfer to another institution as juniors. Students who maintain their academic focus at Simon’s Rock and take the transfer application process seriously do quite well gaining admission at their top choices of transfer schools. Once there, they typically transfer enough credits (most or all) from Simon’s Rock to graduate with a BA in two additional years.

How do students decide what BA program is best for them?
The Sophomore Review Process is geared toward helping students decide the best plan for their BA program. Students are asked to reflect on their time at Simon’s Rock, and think critically about how the work they’ve engaged in might inform their future educational and career plans. Students receive a great deal of support and guidance through this process by their advisors, trusted professors and members of the Win Resource Commons.

Students considering the Simon’s Rock BA program will go through Moderation into the Upper College – a formal review of strengths and weaknesses, plans and goals. They will choose a concentration (Simon’s Rock offers over forty concentrations), and discuss possibilities for the junior year that may include participation in a Signature Program, study abroad, or an internship. Students will begin to think about what direction their senior year thesis project might take. The BA program at Simon’s Rock continues the challenging course of interdisciplinary inquiry begun during the first two years, and offers a remarkable range of opportunities for individualized study.

Other students opt to transfer as juniors to other institutions. The Sophomore Review Process and Win Resource Commons offer support in deciding on potential transfer schools that will best suit a student’s educational goals, as well as guidance during the transfer application process.

Like the rest of the Simon’s Rock experience, the process of deciding on a BA program is highly individualized. It involves a good deal of self-reflection, extensive dialogue with faculty and advisors and an amazing amount of support for each student’s unique vision for their education.

Can I transfer before I earn my AA degree?
The first two years at Bard College at Simon's Rock provide a comprehensive liberal arts educational experience during which students take classes across the disciplines toward completion of the AA degree. It is possible for students to transfer before completion of their AA degree, or to enroll as first-year students elsewhere, but it is not typical, and students are strongly encouraged to consider the Lower College curriculum as a cohesive whole. Additionally, students often find the support and guidance offered during the Sophomore Review Process to be very helpful when considering their BA options.

What if I haven’t taken the SATs? What if I am not receiving a diploma from my high school?
The Win Resource Commons offers test preparation resources to students who chose to take (or re-take) the SAT or ACT, and to those pursuing a GED. When necessary, students can arrange for transportation to testing sites. Students with their AA may be admitted to a transfer institution as juniors, but may still wish to obtain a GED (or, when a high school can accommodate it, a diploma) to simplify the financial aid application process at their transfer school.