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Creating an ACE Program


Anyone planning on submitting a program for ACE credit needs to do so at least ten days before the date of that event. Doing so allows ample time for the program to be approved and placed on the ACE calendar.

Submission of an Event

To submit an event, please fill out the request form and email or return via campus mail to the ACE Coordinator. The Coordinator or appropriate member of the ACE Advisory Board will be in touch regarding the approval status of the event.


The faculty or staff member running or advising the program is in charge of making sure attendance is taken. Please print out and use the provided attendance form and return via email or campus mail to the ACE Coordinator for tracking.

The College encourages interested students to plan and execute their own ACE programs. Students who team up with an appropriate faculty or staff member are welcome to submit their own events. The faculty or staff advising the student is still in charge of insuring that attendance is taken and should be present at the event. Attendance sheets should be emailed to Erin Briggeman at or sent to her via campus mail for attendance tracking.


All approved ACE events must be advertised and open to the entire student community. It is our mission to insure that all students have equal access to information regarding ACE events. Failure to adhere to this will result in ACE status being revoked for the event.