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Active Community Engagement

ACE requirement

Bard College at Simon’s Rock seeks to have its students be not only academically successful, but also physically and emotionally healthy citizens of the world. We believe that intellectual learning is enhanced and enjoyment of all our campus has to offer is improved when learning at Simon’s Rock goes beyond intellect. The Active Community Engagement (or ACE) requirement provides a framework for students to learn how to balance their academic success with physical, emotional and social well-being, and to become active participants in the life of their communities.

What is ACE?

ACE is a tri-part extracurricular program that strives to enhance the Simon’s Rock experience by giving students credit for participating in a dynamic and well-rounded environment outside the classroom as well as within it.

The ACE program is designed to facilitate engagement across three separate categories, in the belief that students who lead well-rounded, physically active lives are healthier and more satisfied than those that do not. The categories are as follows: Health and Wellness, Athletics and Recreation, and Participation and Service. Students are asked to complete a number of credits in each area during each of their first three semesters on campus.

Oversight: The Dean of Students oversees and has authority to develop, plan and implement the ACE requirement with the assistance of the ACE Advisory Board. The ACE Advisory Board is chaired by an ACE Coordinator selected by the Dean of Students, and staffed with representatives of several major departments on campus. Members of the Advisory Board may include representatives from the Faculty, Academic Affairs, Alumni Library, Health Services, the Kilpatrick Athletic Center, Residence Life, Student Activities, and the Win Commons. The Board’s purpose is to facilitate communication and collaboration on ACE projects, continually refine the guidelines of the program, and assist members of their respective departments with the implementation of effective and accessible programming.

Learning About ACE

Please explore the links in the sidebar to learn more about our ACE program. Requests for specific resources or questions not answered on this site may be directed to the Coordinator of the program at