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Meet the Faculty

Robert E. Schmidt


Robert Schmidt

Environmental Studies and Zoology
Division: Science, Mathematics, and Computing
Appointment: 1984

Fisher 210
p: 413-528-7438



PhD, University of Connecticut, 1976 (Ichthyology)
MS, University of Connecticut, 1971 (Fisheries)
BS, University of Rhode Island, 1969 (Zoology)

Professional History:

Fordham University- Assistant Professor
Upsala College- Faculty (part time)
Mercy College - Faculty (part time)
Bard College - Graduate Faculty
Hudsonia Ltd. - Associate Director
Berkshire Environmental Research Center - Director
New York State Museum - Associate Curator (Fishes)

Research Interests/Professional Service:

Biology of Fishes in the Hudson River Estuary
Recent grants have allowed me to observe and collect data on the migrations of two species of herring. I have also done work on the use of tributary streams by migratory fishes. I have other research projects on biology and distribution of freshwater and estuarine fishes in New York and Massachusetts.

Atlas of Larval Fishes
For this long-term project I am collecting specimens and determining how to tell them apart. I am also plotting the distribution in time and space of fish larvae in the Hudson River Estuary. I am curating the larval fish collection in the New York State Museum.

Fishes of South America
I have collected and analyzed specimens from Guyana. Several undescribed species have been discovered as well as a number of very rare fishes. Research is continuing with these species.

Local Environmental Issues
Through my work with local non-profit organizations, I have done research on rare and endangered species, water quality issues, and management of lakes and ponds.

Student Research Opportunities
I encourage students to work with me on a variety of projects for credit, as paid interns, or as paid employees.

Reports and publications coauthored by Simon's Rock students

Publications/Book Chapters/Exhibitions/Performances:

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  • Littman, M.W., B.M. Burr, R.E. Schmidt, and E.R. Iseru. 2001. Sorubim elongatus, a new species of catfish (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae) from tropical South America. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters. 12(1): 1-16.
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