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Meet the Faculty

Katherine Pichard


Kate Pichard

Division: Languages and Literature
Appointment: 2011




PhD, MA, Linguistics, Graduate School of the University of New York
MA in TESOL, New York University
BSFS, Foreign Serivice (Latin America), Georgetown University
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Year-long study abroad program)

Professional History:

Muddy Brook Elementary School, Spanish teacher at (2006-Present)
American University of Paris, Assistant Professor of English, (1997-2006); Coordinator of AUP's PRE Program." Advisor and liaison between AUP and the Quai d'Orsay Language School (2005-2006)
University of Paris VIII, St. Denis, France. Adjunct Professor of computer skills and English (1997)
Ecole Active Bilingue, Paris, France. Teacher of English literature (1996)
Hunter College, New York, NY. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Linguistics and English. Departments of English, Anthropology and Education (1992-1996)
New York University, New York, NY. Adjunct Lecturer of English at American Language Institute (1991-1993)
Modern Language Association, New York, NY. Part-time assistant coordinator in Department of English and Foreign Language Programs (1989-1992)

Areas of Interest:

My doctoral dissertation, Non-standard Dominican Spanish: Evidence of Partial Restructuring, represents a culmination of my interests in Latin American history, colonialism and second language acquisition by looking at fossilized features of African languages in the vernacular Spanish of the Dominican Republic. I have published articles, chapters in books and presented at conferences on the subject of semi-creolization in dialects of Spanish. More recently, I have expanded my interests to include the study of Ladino or Judeo-Spanish, a language derived from medieval Castilian Spanish.

Research Interests/Professional Service:

  • Spanish and French Language
  • Linguistics, with a focus on semi-creolization, second language acquisition and comparative romance linguistics.
  • Ladino

Publications/Book Chapters/Exhibitions/Performances:

  • “Palenquero.” With Armin Schwegler. In J. Holm, ed. Comparative creole syntax. Battlebridge Press (2006)
  • “El marcador de pasado a: Palenquero en Santo Domingo.” In Y. Moñino and A. Schwegler, eds. Palenque, Cartagena y Afro-Caribe: historia y lengua. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag (2002)
  • Holm et al. “The creole verb: a comparative study of stativity and time reference.” In J. McWhorter, ed. Language change and language contact in pidgins and Creoles. John Benjamins: Amsterdam (2000)
  • Holm et al. “A comparison of serial verb constructions in Cape Verdean and other creoles. In K. Zimmerman, ed. Lenguas criollas de base lexical española y portuguesa. Frankfurt: Vervuert Verlag (1999a)
  • Holm et al. Copula patterns in Atlantic and non-Atlantic Creoles. In J.R. Rickford and S. Romaine, eds. Creole genesis, attitudes and discourse: studies celebrating Charlene Sato. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins (1999b)
  • “The creole pronoun i in non-standard Dominican Spanish.” In K. Zimmermann, ed. Lenguas criollas de base lexical española y portuguesa. Frankfurt: Vervuert Verlag (1999c)
  • “The preverbal marker a in a semi-creolized variety of non-standard Dominican Spanish.” In L. Ortiz, ed. El Caribe hispánico: perspectivas lingüísticas actuales. Frankfurt: Vervuert Verlag (1999d)


  • Wenner-Gren Foundation predoctoral grant for dissertation research in the Dominican Republic (1994-1995)
  • CUNY-Caribbean Exchange Program travel grant to visit the Dominican Republic on a preliminary field trip for dissertation research (1994)
  • CUNY-Caribbean Exchange Program travel grant to participate in the VII Conferencia Lingüístico-Literaria: El español del Caribe. Santiago de Cuba (1992)
  • New York University. Linguistics Department fellowship (1988-1990)

Other Activities

  • Current member of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages);
  • MAFLA (Massachusetts Foreign Language Association);
  • Foreign Language Association of Berkshire County.