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Meet the Faculty

Brian Francis Conolly


Brian Francis Conolly

Division: Social Studies
Appointment: 2006

Hall College Center



PhD, Indiana University
BA, MA, Stanford University

Professional History:

Dr. Conolly has taught philosophy at Castleton State College in Vermont, Green Mountain College, and Skidmore College

Areas of Interest:

Dr.Conolly teaches a range of courses in the history of philosophy and in contemporary philosophy, but specializes in ancient and mediaeval philosophy

Research Interests/Professional Service

The current focus of Dr. Conolly's research is late mediaeval developments of Aristotelian metaphysics. His dissertation investigates ancient and medieval theories of matter and chemical mixture, and he has presented papers on mediaeval theories of the intellect at several philosophy conferences. In addition to a number of studies on the metaphysics of identity and change, Dr. Conolly is currently also preparing critical editions of several 13th-century Averroist commentaries on the Liber de causis.