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Faculty in the Arts

Karen Beaumont (Division Head), St. Clair College; The Canadian Mime School; Kristin Linklater; Tina Packer, Theater

Lawrence Burke, MFA, Columbia University, Film and Video

Joan DelPlato, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, Art History and Women’s Studies

Jacob Fossum, MFA, Institute College of Art, Drawing and Painting

Ben Krupka, MFA, Utah State University, Ceramics

David LaSpina, MFA, Yale University School of Art, Photography

Tanya Marcuse, MFA, Yale University School of Art, Studio Arts, Photography

Aimée K. Michel, MFA, Tulane University, Theater

John E. Myers, PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore, Music, Interactive Arts, Asian Studies

Wendy Shifrin, MA, New York University, Dance and Women’s Studies

Laurence D. Wallach, Livingston Hall Chair in Music, PhD, Columbia University, Music

John B. Weinstein, PhD, Columbia University, Chinese, Asian Studies, Theater