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Division of the Arts

Robot Painting smThe Arts Division is dedicated to serving our students by advocating an active role for the arts in society. The faculty in the division, all active professionals, are devoted to teaching that encourages the inward reflection and outwardly directed social communication essential in art training. Whether the arts become the student’s central focus, or simply complement work in other areas, the skills and perspectives students are offered in our studios, classrooms, and tutorials foster valuable self-confidence and self-knowledge.

The special demands of the arts—performance, skilled work in various media, and historical analysis—are fundamental to liberal arts education. The faculty in the division value and nurture creativity, while helping younger scholars come to appreciate the need to discipline creativity in producing and responding to art in its multiple forms. Encouraging students’ love of the arts and their understanding of cultural history is, we believe, crucial in the education of informed, humane citizens.

All courses in the Division of the Arts offer credits toward the Arts requirement.

Courses marked CP with the course number can offer credits toward either the Cultural Perspectives requirement or the Arts requirement, but not both.


Art History

Art history courses provide a historical and theoretical grounding for visual arts. | more | 


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Studio Arts

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The theater program integrates classroom study with practical experience in productions. | more | 

Faculty in the Arts

Faculty in the Division of the Arts | more |