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World Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

The ability to understand other cultures is essential to a liberal education. Language, which both conditions and expresses a culture’s way of thinking, is a fundamental aspect of such understanding. Indeed, the stated goals of the academic program at Simon’s Rock include developing knowledge and appreciation of modes of thought of other cultures and gaining the ability to understand and use a foreign language. Please see page 14 for further explanation of fulfilling the language requirement. For all languages, students must gain permission before registering for any course above 100:

  1. For French, German, and Spanish, students must complete placement self-tests available on the College website before registering for a course. Once the score is obtained, students follow directions on the website to determine placement. For students wishing to enroll in an advanced course, an additional written or oral evaluation may be necessary.
  2. For Arabic, Chinese, and Latin, all students must consult with instructor before registering for any course above 100. An oral interview, and in some cases a written test, will be part of the placement.
  3. Students who place into advanced courses (206 or higher) have the opportunity to complete the language requirement in one semester. Language faculty will help those students determine an appropriate course of study.