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Ceramics, Sculpture, and 3-D Design

Students electing this concentration may focus their work in three-dimensional design, sculpture, or ceramics, or combine courses from any of these disciplines to create an individualized curriculum. The goals of the program are to gain a working knowledge of the historical precedents for each area of study and to establish and develop skills appropriate to studio work in three-dimensional art forms. Whether in single or multiple disciplines, experience in both traditional and experimental forms, links to studies in other concentrations, and work across disciplines are encouraged.

Students interested in this concentration are encouraged to gain exposure to the field by taking fundamental courses in their first two years at the College. Fundamental courses in visual arts all stress drawing as a primary tool for visual communication. Students should consider any of the following courses as a foundation for advanced work: Survey of Western Art, Drawing and Painting from Nature, Introduction to Sculpture Studio, Introduction to Ceramics, and Drawing from Direct Observation. Students should work closely with the arts faculty to plan an individually appropriate mix of foundation experiences.

Minimum Total Credits: 21


Work in this concentration includes four intermediate courses, two approved art history courses, and two advanced courses chosen from the lists below for a minimum total requirement of 21 credits. In addition, students may take advantage of the opportunity to take tutorials and independent projects on topics of their choice.

Intermediate Courses (Minimum Four)

Studio Art 202 Drawing from Direct Observation
Studio Art 203 Drawing from Imagination
Studio Art 207 Intermediate Wheel Throwing
Studio Art 208 Ceramic Sculpture Studio
Studio Art 215 Clay Modeling from Life
Studio Art 216 Metal Fabrication for Designers and Artists
Studio Art 218 Designing with Computers
Studio Art 219 Jewelry Design and Fabrication
Studio Art 238 Introduction to Figure Drawing
Studio Art 263 Sculpture Studio

Approved Art History Courses (Minimum Two), such as:

Art History 102 Survey of Western Art:
Renaissance to Postmodern
Art History 207 CP Women Artists
Art History 211 Picasso’s Art: Erotics and Politics

Advanced courses (Minimum Two)

Studio Art 315 Clay Modeling from Life
Studio Art 333/433 Figure Drawing Studio
Studio Art 363/463 Sculpture Studio
Studio Art 372 Drawing from Direct Observation

Recent Senior Theses

Most theses in ceramics, sculpture, or 3-D design consist of a significant written element and a one-person exhibition, which the student designs, installs, and documents, at one of the galleries on campus. The completed project and description of the thesis process become important components in the student’s portfolio. Recent theses include:

“Strange Fruit: An Exploration of Cultural Difference Through Figurative Ceramics”
“A Single Drop of Self in an Ocean of Illusion”
“Outdoor Sculpture”
“My Room: An Exploration of Non-Traditional Performance Art”
“Binary Nature: A Fusion of Botanical Illustration and Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics”
“Sticks and Stones: An Exploration of Wilderness in Visual Art”
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Joan DelPlato, Ben Krupka
Faculty Contact: Ben Krupka