Get Moving in the Right Direction: 30 Minute Library Clinics

Every Wednesday from 6:00-6:30pm this semester, you can come to the Library Lab for a clinic to brush up on your skills. Whether you want to review research methods or polish your citations, we can help!

Aug.  27:  Do Not Pass Go: Developing a Topic Before Beginning Research
Sept. 3:  Research Methods: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources
Sept. 10:  Mastering MLA Style
Sept. 17:  Good, Better, Best: Evaluating Info for Academic Success
Sept. 24: Media Savvy: Audio & Video as Research Resources
Oct. 1:  Proofreading Party!
Oct. 8:  ZOTERO: Behind the Mask


Oct. 22: Bibliography Buster: Tracking Down Others’ References
Oct. 29: Efficient Reading Strategies
Nov. 5:  Note-Taking at the College Level
Nov. 12: Mastering APA Style
Nov. 19: Mastering Chicago Style


Dec. 3:  Proofreading Party!