“When I was in tenth grade I found out that I was technically a senior and would graduate early. I had plans to go to the University of Michigan, but then I got information about Simon’s Rock in the mail. I really liked the idea of a college meant for younger people. To me, it was much better than going to a college where I would be put on a pedestal because I was younger, so I decided to apply.

Let me tell you, the application process was a journey! One of the admission essay prompts was about Plato and enlightenment. I had never heard of Plato and the whole thing blew me away! I didn’t know what he was talking about. I struggled for a month, reading it over and over again. It made me question whether or not I was meant to be at Simon’s Rock. But just as the deadline was closing in, I got it! I wrote an essay about the structural elements of enlightenment. I realized much later that prompt was used intentionally. I thought it was just an admission thing, but now I know that the College was preparing me for what I was going to experience for the next four years.”

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Where are they now? Shareece is a student at NYU Law School.