“I love poems. They are slow, and require attention, and you have to read them again and again and again. Everything that gets said is significant. I move slowly through the world. I don’t have the option to move quickly, so I notice things that other people don’t notice. I’m often struck by how language is limited and by what you can do with a pause, or what you can do by not saying something, what happens when you leave a space instead.

Because it always gets here eventually… I have cerebral palsy, which affects my muscle movement and the way I walk. I can’t jump, or hop, or run, or do the things other kids do on the playground. I read. That’s what I did instead. I think part of the reason I liked books at such an early age was because I was good at them. I knew what to do. I knew how they worked. When my dad asked me what a book was about, I knew he wasn’t just looking for a plot summary.”

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Where are they now? After two years at Simon’s Rock Molly Transferred to Stanford University, where she continued to pursue creative writing before graduating in 2011.