“I’ve wanted to come to Simon’s Rock since I was eleven. My mother is an alumna so I grew up hearing about the College. She described it as the best years of her life. She would tell me about what a unique place it was, that it was a place where people were able to be themselves. Simon’s Rock is not for everyone, but she thought that it would be a good fit for me. In some ways the College has changed, in other ways it’s exactly the same. I’d say there’s a lot about our experiences here that are similar, but not so similar that it makes me feel like it’s not my own.

The students who come here are so different from one another, but we all share something. Whether we came here 20 years ago or just got here this year, there’s something connecting us. Maybe it’s creativity. Maybe it’s a willingness to be open minded, open to doing different things, a willingness to discuss and debate almost anything. Everyone’s into their own thing but at the same time we really want to learn from each other and listen to each other.”

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Where are they now? Max spent half of his junior year studying abroad in Costa Rica. There, he became a whitewater river guide and a wilderness first responder, as part of his self-designed concentration in outdoor education. Back at Simon’s Rock, he works as a peer advocate and sound producer in the Alumni Performance Center.