“Simon’s Rock is such a different place. I have lived in China before. I lived in Africa. I went to a Chinese school before, I went to an international school in Sudan, but there is nowhere like Simon’s Rock. It is just so different. It is such a welcoming community. There is no thin line where to fit in. There is nothing called ‘fit in’ and everyone can try to be themselves and everyone is accepted. So I think that is really nice.

You need to be eager to learn. Everyone here is here partially because everyone is smart enough and everything, but the other part is they are eager to learn. They are eager to learn more about the world and they are eager to make a change happen. I think that is what is important for a Simon’s Rock student.

I guess what I really like is that this community is such a close-knit community. It is just so close together and everybody is so nice and they are willing to help you whenever you need any help—you can always find somebody to help you. Also, whenever I try to do some activities here, the teachers are just so nice they are like, ‘Hey, I can help you to contact this person. Hey I can help deal with the connection with the local business or something.’ They are so nice. I think that is what I really like best about Simon’s Rock.”

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Socrates and Confucius - fathers of philosophy