“I’m just really glad to be here where you can talk about more than just material things. You can talk about the things you were talking about in classes, which doesn’t happen much at other schools.

I’ve always been interested in biology or something in medicine. It wasn’t until I was here and I took molecular techniques and genetics that I fully understood what I was dealing with. We deal with a lot of E. coli, gene splicing, and transcription. It’s just really fun.

The best class? That’s hard. It’s a tie between genetics and molecular techniques. I mean in both the classes, in molecular techniques, especially, you just sit in the lab and you get to work at your own pace and you get to work with your own materials. Molecular techniques and genetics are really similar. With genetics there was a class portion in addition to the lab. In molecular techniques the whole class is just lab, lab, lab. So, I feel like genetics was sort of a supplement to that. They both just complement each other. I’ve also taken ceramics for three years and I really like it because I feel like it’s kind of my gateway, I guess, to get away.”

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