"I was interested in Henry Darger’s work. He’s this weird guy who made all these bizarre narrative drawings about a world he was constructing out of newspapers and the pages of a telephone directory. When he died, his landlords found his stuff and ended up showing it to others. When I was looking at his work, which was very childish in some respect, I loved that I didn’t know what to make of it. Now that is how I measure what I’m doing: If I feel weird showing my work to people, I’m really excited, because I know I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

As part of my thesis, I’m creating a series of stop-motion animations where each frame is a photograph. They all end up being minute-long videos composed of 600 photographs and deal a lot with history, the environment, and also navigating through our culture.”

My Work:
Animations: The Complete History
of Mankind and the Rest
of the World
and Extras

Where are they now? Alex graduated in 2010 and is currently living and making art in New York City, where he recently curated a video art show. See more of his work on his website.